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System Professional is a professional hair care brand known for its transformation results and personalized approach.
The series with EnergyCode, an innovative technology, offers personalized transformation to your hair. With over 174 million possible product combinations, based on this new technology, it offers personalized hair solutions tailored to the needs of each individual.
Scientists at System Professional have discovered that each person's hair has a special "Energy Profile" profile, which determines the elasticity, hair health and flexibility. This "energy footprint" is defined by the lipid level of the hair. Lipids, although they account for only 4% of the hair, significantly affect its energy.
To diagnose Energy Profile, which reflects the individual needs of your hair, System Professional has developed the EnergyCode Mapping® Diagnostic Tool. You can also find your own unique EnergyCode with the help of System Professional hair specialist more refreshed than ever before!


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